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    美國TPI-708燃燒效率分析儀測量O2/CO/CO2, 燃燒效率分析,過??諝庀禂?,煙氣溫度,環境溫度,內置電池和采樣氣泵,薄膜按鍵鍵盤,LCD數字顯示屏,煙氣采樣探針,煙塵過濾器,一體化儀器背包(帶背帶),儀器內置防水防塵防撞擊軟套。美國*。





    The TPI 708 Flue Gas Analyzer is a state of the art, easy to use analyzer designed not only to display and calculate the required readings from a flue but also to cover most of the other measurements associated with combustion.The instrument is ruggedly constructed and comes with a 3 Year unitand 2 Year sensor Guarantee.

    The TPI 708 combustion analyzer uses state of the art electrochemical sensors. This sensor technology provides the longest lasting, most accurate and reliable means for performing combustion tests. The sensors in your analyzer will need to be replaced periodically and calibration is recommended once every year. The 708 will remind you when calibration is due by flashing “CAL DUE Err” for three seconds at start up.

    Electrochemical sensors by nature are always active. Therefore the time the analyzer is off and not being used must be taken into account when determining sensor life. The sensors in your analyzer are warranted for two years. This warranty does not cover sensors damaged through misuse of the analyzer.

    You should keep the batteries of your 708 fresh so power is constantly being supplied to your sensors.

    The following guidelines will help prevent damage to your sensors:

    • Always use the mini pump filter when testing flue gases.

    • Always periodically check and replace the mini pump filter as needed.

    • Always make sure the in-line filter / water trap is installed properly.

    • Always periodically check and replace the in-line filter as needed.

    • Always remove water or condensation from the inside of the in-line filter / water trap assembly prior to performing tests.

    • Always use the optional oil filter (p/n A773) when performing tests on oil burning equipment.

    • Never over saturate your sensors by performing tests on equipment with gas levels beyond the capability of you analyzer.

    • Always keep the A794 water trap / filter assembly clean and replace the filter as necessary. Replacement filter part number is A794F.

    The TPI 708 Flue Gas Analyzer comes complete with the following standard accessories:

    • TPI 708 Instrument

    • Rubber Boot (A765)

    • Soft Carrying Case (A768)

    • Flue Sampling Probe (A770)

    • In-Line Filter assembly installed on Flue probe (A794)

    • Temperature Probe (GK11M)

    • Mini Pump Protection Filter Assembly and spare filters (A763)

    • Exhaust Spigot (removable) (A764)

    • Instruction Manual

    The TPI 708 Flue Gas Analyzer has the following options available:

    • Infrared printer (A740)

    • Spare In-Line Filter (A794F is a package of 5 filters)




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